Wednesday, August 08, 2012

So Much Douchebag, So Little Time

(via) Ian unbuttoned more shirt buttons and is wearing some sort of signature asshole amulet, but Jared's hair is greasier and he's got a patchy fauxhemian beard... I can't decide who wins this round. I think Somerhalder's expression and surfer prick hand-sign might give him the edge. Anyway I know who loses - all of us.


John said...

JA, are you confusing how cocky he is on The Vampire Diaries (if you watch it)with how is is normally?, you're right Jared Leto does look like shit but maybe it's a I don't give a fuck how I look or he's being lazy.

homeslaughter said...

Their coke dealer isn't a bad photographer

zyzzyva said...

Smolderhalder rescues kitties, so he gets a free pass.

Gypsy Blows said...

They're both awfully pretty so they can do whatever they like.