Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Ryan Playing With Puddy

First things first, I didn't see Ted so when I went looking for a picture of Ryan Reynolds to go with the news that I'll be getting to in a second I was surprised to see that above, a picture of Ryan Reynolds and Patrick Warburton kissing in the stuffed-bear-with-a-dirty-mouth comedy Ted. Who knew? I suppose if you saw Ted, you knew. I neither saw Ted, nor knew. Hell I didn't even know Ryan Reynolds was in Ted, period. No knew.

Anyhow second things second, Ryan Reynolds just signed on to make a movie... with Atom Egoyan? Canucks united! Strange bedfellows, though. It's called Queen of the Night and no, unfortunately Ryan is not playing the scarf-slicing diva Rachel Marron in a remake of The Bodyguard. It's a thriller about a man chasing down his abducted daughter, so really it's in Ryan's recent wheel-house plot-wise. I suppose if Egoyan's making it it will make more of that standard sounding plot than's in a sentence-long description though.

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Jasper said...

That moment in Ted — the next-to-last "joke" in the movie, if I remember correctly — is like totally played for the audience to react with a giant giggly "EWWWWW!" Which is exactly what happened at the screening I saw. Because a two-second male/male kiss: HILARIOUS AND/OR DISGUSTING, right?

I would've knocked over a table if there were any tables in my theater.