Monday, August 06, 2012

Re Master


That there's the new poster for Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master. (via) All I can say is I'm hella thankful the film's release got scooted ahead to September because I don't know how much higher my expectations can get without completely ruining the experience of, you know, actually seeing the film. I'm starting to think that if it does anything less than reach inside my head, remove my brain, fuck my eye-holes, impregnate my skull, and birth little babies of radiant wonder out of my emptied nostrils, I will be disappointed.


John said...

speaking of PTA I've been wathcing Boogie Nights, a little over a few nights. Yes I've mentioned I love this movie before. I don't even think it's ever aired on TV, well not network, but how could it. Some of my favorite lines are: 'aim it at her tits Eddie', 'that is a giant cock'. I can watching it again and again.

Joe Reid said...

You won't be disappointed, come on.

Jason Adams said...

John - Ha, I love the way Juli says that. "That is a giant cock." Brilliant.

Joe - I suppose if I keep you around, I can't be. ;)