Thursday, August 02, 2012

I Want To Be Marylee Hadley When I Grow Up


Dorothy Malone was is just the greatest.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe no one has commented on this. One of my all time favorite "classics". I love the scene where she mambos her father to death. And the theme song with the blowing leaves. Terrific!

jim said...

Who wouldn't want to be Marylee Hadley?? All that money (she gets ALL the oil wells in the end) & she's a shameless nympho!!

Sign me up!!

pony said...

A gif of her jerking off that oil tower paperweight in the finale would've been perfect. (lol at her dad having been mamboed to death)

Sam79 said...

Caught this on TV about 6 months ago and was MESMERIZED by this lady. That Mambo scene is awesome!


she's great great great in that movie. but doesn't say WAS the greatest. Dorothy is still alive! She may be mambo'ing from a sofa or wheelchair somewhere instead at 87 years of age but STILL WITH US.

Jason Adams said...

Ack I didn't even realize I'd implied she was dead - I had no idea either way. I'm going to fix that, I don't want any jinxes floating over her wheelchair today!

Anonymous said...

Every great drag queen has studied this performance.

joel65913 said...

An amazing performance, way over the top and touching at the same time. She completely deserved that Oscar.
So many great lines but the best bit of dialogue:
Kyle Hadley:Your a filthy liar!

Marylee Hadley: I'm filthy, PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

She's alive and well and still looks great living in Dallas. When I first watched the movie I thought, this woman had to have won an academy award for that unforgettable performance.