Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Still Don't Watch Sons of Anarchy

How do I still not watch Sons of Anarchy???


tom said...

Because its a show about the type people who would murder you on the street if given half a chance. Love Peg Bundy, love Hellboy, love Stuart's plaything from QAF but this show ain't for me.

elevendreams said...

Oh please watch. Even if you just catch up, all of the Charlie shower scenes are soooo worth it. The writing and plot are SICK, too. Kurt Sutter is a mad genius. (and did I mention Charlie Hunnam?)

Anonymous said...

Not only because the reasons to watch the show are "Charlie", "Charlie!" and again "Charlie!!!"
there are so much great actors in it, including "Peg Bundy" and faboulus Ron Perlman and the plot is mostly great.