Wednesday, August 08, 2012

I Am Link

--- Bye Bye Bob - Super sad to hear that Bob Hoskins has announced his retirement because he's been diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. We've loved him ever since he banged his head on Jessica Rabbit's bouncy bazooms. I've been meaning to watch The Long Good Friday, which he's supposed to be fantastic in - I'll try to watch it in his honor this weekend. I'm not the only one who finds him sexy, right?

--- List Missed - There have been all kinds of follow-ups all over the web to the Sight and Sound poll of the greatest movies of all time 2012 edition, and every day there are like five I mean to link to, which I promptly forget to by the time I get around to doing one of these posts. But since we're here, here's one! The Playlist listed ten directors who didn't place squat on the list, and it makes my eyeballs burn. Almodovar, Haneke, Fassbinder, Polanski, Herzog - this shit is a Who's Who list of everything I live for, man.

--- Little People Big Screen - I keep clicking on these news stories about how The Hobbit's only going to be screened at a very few locations in the 48 frames per second rate that it was shot in (since so few theaters are ready for it and it got a pretty dismal reception when it screened for exhibitors earlier this year) hoping I'll find out whether it will screen in NYC this way or not, but no info on that yet. And then I go back and forth wondering if I even want to see the whole movie in 48fps or not - if it's awful and distracting, won't that totally ruin the experience? I wish I had the chance to see something else, something shorter, first so I could judge.

--- Big Bad Brutus - Extra extra, a large bald man named Bruno has been hired to play a character named Brutus, read all about it. Bruno Gunn, whose IMDb page reads like a blue collar fantasy, will play another one of the Hunger Games contestants in the Quarter Quell in Catching Fire. Named Brutus. Again, I do not remember. I read these books really really fast and quite awhile ago, y'all. Forgive me.

--- Half Hawkeye - Here's Jeremy Renner whining about having to spend all his time in The Avengers hypnotized into evilness. Yadda yadda Jeremy - until you take my advice and play the role you were born to play I'm not going to cut you any slack.


M said...

Finally, someone who also finds him sexy! And yeah, this news is super sad.

Lars said...

Sad news about Hoskins, such a tremendous actor. Everyone should see his performance in Felicia's Journey...