Friday, August 03, 2012

I Am Link

--- Lotus Flowered -  I'm not quite sure that Bryan Fuller has time to breathe or sleep these days, because he is officially King of Everything: Television Edition - he now has a third pilot going into production, after the Munsters reworking Mockingbird Lane and the Hannibal Lecter Fun-time Hour. This one we heard about awhile ago - it's an adaptation of the 1969 book The Lotus Caves for SyFy. The show's being called High Moon - like High Noon! But in space! - and for now it's a ninety-minute pilot being made; it looks like Bryan's producing, while Pushing Daisies writer Jim Danger Gray (awesome name) is writing.

--- On The Best - That Sight & Sound poll of the "Greatest Movies Ever!" 2012 Edition that we told you about exclusively (har) yesterday got talked up by a bunch of TFE regulars - present company included - right here. I don't get to quote Kramer nearly enough in life. 

--- Muttonchopped Man - AICN has some pics from the set of Wolverine with Hugh Jackman being his usual hot ass self, love the patented Wolvie hairdo, although the cold weather setting has me worried we won't be getting the right amount of beefcakery.

--- Dino Fever - I don't even know what to say about this ridiculous story of a real-life billionaire who wants to build his own real-life Jurassic Park. What do you say about that? I mean besides I want tickets to the second week - no going to the opening week, because that's when shit will go wrong if shit goes wrong. The movies taught me that!

--- Hunter's Prey - Our pal Jarett talked to Weeds' star Hunter Parrish about a recent homosexualish development and his love of nudity. So basically Jarett asked all the right questions. 

--- Queen Counselor - Natalie Dormer, currently rocking ridiculous bodices and instigating sexy incest on A Game of Thrones, is in talks to join Ridley Scott's The Counselor with Fassy and co. Because that thing's cast doesn't already seem ginormous (cock included).

--- Hot Docs - Oh my good god there's a movie about sexy doctors  starring Juliette Binoche and Edgar Ramirez! Will I even be able to handle that much amazingness in one place? The first batch of pictures and the trailer, via The Playlist, is giving me heart palpitations as it is. 

--- Blood Feast - Here's an interview with [REC]3 director Paco Plaza (he also co-directed the previous two wonderful [REC] films) about the third movie, which is out on demand now! I know what I'm watching this weekend.

--- Sick Girl - This post by our pal Joe on the rottenness of Beaches' Hillary Whitney brought me immense joy yesterday, and just now while reading it again. I know I'm just a handwalking queer, but still. Awesome.

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