Thursday, August 02, 2012

Good Morning, World

A happy 36th birthday to Sam Worthington, who never really became what he might've here in the US, eh? In a coincidence I've got his last movie Man on a Ledge coming to me from Netflix today - did anyone see it? Why hello, Mr. Cricket, you sing a lovely song. Anyway I suppose Sam's always got James Cameron's fifteen Avatar sequels to look forward to. You know, ten years from now, or whatever.


Smithy said...

It's the hair that killed him over here - never should've grown his hair out into that weird mullet thing he's been rocking for the last few films.

Rob K. said...

I think it's simply that he doesn't seem to have much personality or anything special to distinguish him from the large Generic Hunk pool.

Anonymous said...

Man on a Ledge is terrible, and while no lead could have saved that script, he certainly didn't help. His American accent starts off shaky but OK, but by the end he could give a fuck and its Aussie all the way.

Anonymous said...

Oh God I love him. I really reall really want him to secretly be gay coz I love him. He makes me understand Shakira's song Whenever wherever or smt. The lyric that goes
"Baby I would climb the Andes solely
To count the freckles on your body"