Thursday, August 09, 2012

Good Morning, Gratuitous Kevin McKidd

James Purefoy's in the sidebar and on our minds thanks to this here so seeing as it's his Rome and Bedrooms and Hallways co-star Kevin McKidd's birthday today we figured we'd give this morning gratuity to their kiss-me-tender lovemaking in the latter. When we fully gratuitized Purefoy back in the day we made note of their... closeness... but we've never given McKidd's Scotsman ginger realness the spotlight it deserves, so here goes. 

Other things you might recognize McKidd from: Trainspotting, Grey's Anatomy, or most excitingly Neil Marshall's terrific werewolf versus soldiers flick Dog Soldiers. Hit the jump for a few more pics.


Eve said...

Both (PureSEX and McKidd) should be in Game of Thrones.

McKidd in Grey's Anatomy is such a waste -- really can't stand that show.

zyzzyva said...

Yeah, he's one of the very few reasons I've stuck with the awfulness for this long. It keeps pulling me back in the the pretty mens. I may finally be able to give it up, since apparently Eric Dane is now leaving.

We call him "Manly McManlyson" on Grey's, since I still have difficulty fathoming that this is the same person as the soft beauty in Bedrooms & Hallways...

Jon said...

totThere's a bunch of gratuitous Kevin McKidd in "Rome". You don't see his peen (like Purefoy), but there's a bunch of McKidd nudity on display. He's so damn hot; man, I love me a gorgeous ginger.