Thursday, July 12, 2012

So Joshua Bowman Is British?


Revenge needs to find a reason to have him use his real accent, stat. It seems like it's the kind of show that could find an excuse. He has to go into the Witness Protection program, or he has an evil twin, or he gets bonked on the head and wakes up Cockney. Whatever, just do it!

I don't think I've gotten around to mentioning it here on the blog - I did tweet a bit on it, I recall - but I plowed through the first season of Revenge a few weeks ago and I am entirely hooked. Any fans?


The Bloody Munchkin said...

Yes dear lord yes! And I know this post was about Joshua Bowman, but can we talk about Gabriel Mann, because I'm absolutely crushing him him and his double polos and his weird sweaters. He is so good on that show.

DancerInDC said...

Me, me!!! It's officially a guilty pleasure. Because although the plot is often laughable it's SO ENGROSSING you can't look away. LOVE IT.

Andrew K. said...

Of course there are fans. Season was such a delicious romp I'm both excited and nervous about what season 2 will bring.

Bowman is so obtuse on the show I can't find him attractive on it. (I can't find stupidity attractive, I just can't.) But, off the set and with that British accent, yes.

Although as The Blood Munchkin rightfully says - Gabriel Mann!!!

DuchessKitty said...

Bowman's from the U.K.? No way! He is very easy on the eyes.

And y'all better step away from Gabriel Mann - he's been my boyfriend for over a decade!
I've loved him since the great film "Things Behind The Sun". But it's great to see him getting this attention.

Drew F said...

Oh dear lord! Because clearly this man needed something ELSE in his favor, he had to go and be british...proof the world aint fair, right there.

Anyway LOVE the show, cant wait for it to come back in the fall!

pony said...

Madeleine Stowe, FTW! The second half of the season needed more shirtless Daniel and less Hanzo Hattori, IMHO.

Lars said...

Was a fan, but I thought the second half of the season really lost a lot of steam. The thing about Bowman is, he actually dated Amy Winehouse before. After I watched the first episode of "Revenge", I quickly went to wikipedia and stalked him forever lol. However, as the series went on, my crush went from Bowman to Gabriel Mann, and he's already in his late 30s I!