Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Am Link

--- Half Full - That there's the first poster for Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master (via) and it's not at all what I was expecting. I didn't really have an expectation I guess, but whatever it was or wasn't that I was or wasn't expecting... it wasn't that. Not that I dislike it. God it's early, I shouldn't be attempting to form thoughts just yet. Anyway there look poster whee.

--- TV BS - The Emmy nominations are out and they are bullshit - there's not a single nomination for Enlightened; not one for Laura Dern which is obviously the biggest piece of bullshit, but I would have nominated Mike White and the show itself for Best... Comedy, I guess? It does fall in between Comedy and Drama, but that didn't stop them from nominating the shit out of American Horror Story for Best Miniseries, which WTF. I mean I love AHS, it's a hoot, but it wasn't a fucking miniseries, and as hooty as it was and as great as Jessica Lange was, Enlightened was brilliant, top to bottom. Complete bullshittery.

--- Sam Is Not The One - Sam Claflin is making a movie with Khaleesi from A Game of Thrones and Karl Urban, so maybe he'll be too busy with that to play Finnick, I say hopefully?

--- Francis Is Not The One - Speaking of The Hunger Games, director Francis Lawrence is not going to continue on after making the second movie Catching Fire, so they'll have to find somebody new to make Mockingjay, parts one and two.

--- Bye Ray - Frank Darabont apparently eulogized Ray Bradbury at Comic-Con, an appropriate place for such a thing to happen if there ever was one, and AICN has what he said.

--- US BS - Amy Adams has joined the cast of American Bullshit, David O. Russell's next movie, and Jeremy Renner has replaced Christian Bale who had to drop out so he could spend the next three years making a movie with Terrence Malick only to have himself edited out, no doubt. It also stars Bradley Cooper.

--- Next Year's Finest - Director Park Chan-wook's much anticipated by yours truly English language debut Stoker with Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska (can somebody do me a favor and tell me how her last name is pronounced? It came up the other day and I never get it right) and Matthew Goode will be out on March 1st, 2013. That's super far away, dammit!

--- Munster Time - There's a hefty chat with Bryan Fuller at THR about Mockingbird Lane and all things related and it's full of gems that have me psyched - I can already see how nifty this show could be if it gets the chance to be as nifty as Bryan could make it, so I hope they let him do so. Come on, NBC, pick it up already.

--- Pink Dream - Time has not been on my side lately so I haven't gotten a chance to watch gay art classic Pink Narcissus for this week's edition of "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" at The Film Experience like I was hoping but you should of course head over and check out all the people who did find the time, since that's a winner of a picture.


Ronald said...

It's pronounced "vashikovska," I'm fairly certain.

Jason Adams said...

So it's just all the w's sound like v's then? That sounds logical, thanks Ronald. Didn't Meryl Streep mess it up on an awards show last year or something? Anyway I blame Meryl. She threw me off. Damn you, Streep!

Ronald said...

Yeah, Meryl Streep is the worst. Haha

Anonymous said...



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