Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Am Link

--- Rock is Cookin - Hot piece slash gigantor Dwayne Johnson says he might play Lobo, the hard-ass DC Marvel mercenary with a snappy 'tude and oft shredded wardrobe. They'd best keep the latter around, since everybody knows that John Carter totally flopped because Taylor Kitsch wasn't full-on nude the whole show. Don't go effing with artistic vision!

--- Second Cappy - Speaking of Marvel superhero movies (is there any other movie news in the world, after all?), Slash has a bunch of details about casting news for the second Captain America film, subtitled The Winter Soldier, and they are spoilery with regards to the film's plot... but if you're someone who reads the internet on a regular basis I really doubt it's the sort of thing you'll be able to avoid between now and when this movie comes out. You're gonna know who's in it. Anyway I also share because it explains the film's subtitle to me - I'm not familiar with the comics - which is a good thing, since I agree with Glenn that otherwise it's a dreary effing title. (I don't mind Thor: The Dark World so much though.)

--- Next Wes - Ahh here's the exact opposite of superhero movie news - Wes Anderson's next movie has a title. It's called The Grand Budapest Hotel. And it will definitely as rumored have Johnny Depp in it. Other names being bandied about earlier like Jude Law and Angela Lansbury are still only rumored at this point. 

--- Franco Lovin - I haven't had a chance to watch this yet but Dave Franco and McLovin reunited for a second gay dirty talk video, which will inevitably be hot and worth your time, because it has Dave Franco. And no I have no idea what that cop picture is from, but you're welcome, anyway.

--- Her Name Is Olive - John Noble made a vague declaration about there being a Fringe movie after the fifth and final season (starting on September 28th!) and now everybody's reporting that, so here we are. I have my doubts; I've heard this thing too many times. (Sigh, Veronica Mars.)

--- Extra Extras - Over at The Film Experience Michael is talking the best of DVD bonus features and the comments are chock-full of favorites; the one fresh on my mind is the behind the scenes stuff I've got on an Evil Dead copy - there's this really hilarious bunch of footage of actors in demon make-up making ridiculous scary faces and noises at the camera that I could watch on a loop forever and never stop laughing.

--- A Song of Joe - Brick director Rian Johnson says he would have directed an episode of A Game of Thrones last season if his hard work on his upcoming movie Looper hadn't kept him from it and that he really wants to direct one still. That would be nifty. Can he bring along muse Joseph Gordon Levitt and give him a role where he makes out with Kit Harington? Or even better, Kit Harington + Jason Momoa. Some sort of alternate world flashback, whatever I don't care just make it happen.

--- Tannis Anyone - I know everybody's all excited about the Criterion Blu-ray of Rosemary's Baby coming out in October, and it is my favorite movie and all so I oughta be, but I really have never felt the DVD transfer of that movie to be shabby? So I dunno. I guess I'll see it with new eyes and be all "Wow!" but I am always "Wow!" every time I watch it already. A new interview with Mia Farrow on the movie though, that I could watch.

--- The Old Ones - I'd rather Guillermo Del Toro just say that his adaptation of At the Mountains of Madness was good and dead than keep any hope alive because it's too torturous, dragging that one out like this. Just let me go, Guillermo! Let my heart alone!


Jee Jay said...

The Rock was born -- yes, I say born -- to play the Sub-Mariner:
the high forehead, the arched eyebrows, and especially the Speedo-ready physique!

(actually, it might be a little too late. Ten years ago he would have been beyond perfect)

But Lobo? Urk.

Chip Chandler said...

One thing: Lobo is a DC character -- actually, kind of a parody of the grim & gritty killing machines in Marvel books.

Jason Adams said...

Whoopsie, thanks Chip. Fixed it.

Agent 13 said...

I don't want to sound like a comic book nerd *puts on comic reading glasses* but the title "The Winter Soldier" actually refers to the fact that Bucky Barnes who "died" in the first film gets rebuilt (psychologically and physically), as the Winter Soldier by the KGB during the Cold War...you see Cold War...Winter...Cold...Winter, get it?

Anyway the title may not be rainbow tinted and most certainly doesn't conjure up images of pink unicorns but it is completely relevant to the subject matter of the film, a film that deals with Nazis and terrorism and fascist communist secret societies obsessed with eugenics...ya know, dreary effing things.

Anonymous said...

For Rosemary, I'm more interested in the extras and to see if they made an improved transfer. The dvd wasn't bad, but a little extra clarity and pop couldn't hurt.