Thursday, July 05, 2012

I Am Link

--- Stormy Weather - I love the first poster for Sam Riami's Oz, The Great and Powerful, but I find myself annoyed that "producer of Alice in Wonderland" gets billed before "director of Spider-Man." Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is a cancer that refuses to die. Anyway the image on the poster already has me jazzed for the camera-work that Raimi might employ to bring big ol' giant cg twisters to life. Twisters!

--- Chick Flicks - With all the Nora Ephron talk (RIP) this past week I finally watched about half of Heartburn on Netflix the other day, somehow I'd never seen it, and I still need to finish it but it's pretty good. I mention this because there are several Ephron links worth sharing this morning - Glenn wrote up ten thoughts on Sleepless in Seattle, which I haven't seen in a very long time but always enjoyed for what it is (you can't go to the top of the Empire State Building without thinking of it), and he directed me to Tom Hanks' eulogy for Time, which is a lovely read; similarly I loved this piece from Lena Dunham, who made friends with Nora over the past, last year of her life.

--- Hot Package - There's something strangely sexual about the poster for Joseph Gordon Levitt's bike messenger action movie Premium Rush, isn't there? (via) Maybe it's just me being me, maybe it's just Joe being Joe, but he really does seem to be presenting. I'd ride [him] like hell, anyway.

--- Catching Jena - Yes Jena Malone has been cast as Johanna Mason in the second Hunger Games film Catching Fire. If you haven't read the books know this is a big important part. Also go read the damn books, it will take you less than a week. Anyway as I said when this was rumored, I have come to dislike Malone recently, so I'm forcing myself to close my eyes and remember how amazingly good she was in The Ruins, a part that was pretty atypical for her, so maybe she can still surprise me.

--- Mama's Boy - I missed mentioning this earlier in the week - Carlton Cuse of Lost fame (and some lady who worked on Friday Night Lights) are making a TV series for A&E called Bates Motel about you guessed it Norman Bates and the backstory for Psycho. I'll try not to let me undying bitterness towards the last season of Lost color my oh who am I kidding. They'd best cast Norman well. Who would you cast?

--- Second Breakfast - EW has a gallery of new pics from The Hobbit, which are filled to the brim with... hobbits. Well actually, more dwarves than hobbits, I guess. Little people. Not real ones though, we've outsourced real little people's jobs to big people and CG wizards. No not wizards like Gandalf, though. What?

--- Plug It Up - Hey look it's a paparazzi shot of the actress playing Sue Snell in the Carrie remake and sure enough, she's hot beyond belief. Sigh. The casting of the teens in this thing has really got me down.

--- Re Powered - Didja hear about the surprise renewal of Eastbound and Down? That's a big WTF. After reading this interview with Danny McBride I get why they're doing it, although I loved where the third season, supposed to be the finale, ended. It was perfect. But yay more Kenny Powers, I won't complain.

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