Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hot Poster, ColdWater

Via BD comes that there exclusive poster from ComiCon (if that crotch blcoking logo didn't clue you in) for a new thriller called ColdWater from the director of The Hills Run Red (which... I don't think I've seen? That title is so similar to so many things that I have seen, and I know I have actually have a copy of it in the many piles of copies of things that I have, so who knows? It's a mystery.) Anyway ColdWater is about a man recovering from an accident at a friend's house at Coldwater Canyon when he begins to suspect - dun dun DUN! - that he isn't alone. The lead is played by a gentleman named Ivan Djurovic (he co-wrote the story with the director) and here is what Ivan Djurovic looks like:

He should definitely grow that beard back, for one. Also, I think we know who it is on the poster up top now. Anyway here's the trailer for the movie, now on my radar thanks to the ever delightful combination of blood and abs. It looks pretty low budget, but it also seems like Ivan walks around in his pajamas a lot too, so you, know.


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