Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dom & Ben, Beach Bums


(Thanks to Jarett for the heads-up!) Cleverness seems to be defeating me this late in the afternoon, so I'm just going to present these as is (which is plenty enough): Dominic Cooper and Benjamin Walker are vacationing together (okay, there are other people with them, whatever) in Italy right now, and there's the proof. More:

And if you hit the jump, you'll see a whole lot more of Dominic and his wonderfully short shorts, plus a lady who is acting exactly how I would be acting if Dominic Cooper was in short shorts next to me, aka physically assaulting him with her mouth and all of her limbs.


Chip Chandler said...

Even accounting for your obsession, couldn't you have tossed in a couple of more of Ben? ;)

Jason Adams said...

Ha - I couldn't find anymore of him, Chip! I looked. Ben's shy, Dom's an exhibitionist whore (bless him), them's the hard facts! ;)

RJ said...

The fuck? Ruth Negga!

Meryl said...

What a pathetic whore? He's so clearly not into her but she's showing it down his throat. Doesn't she know he likes cute blondes who have waists?

dawn said...

Oh please Meryl.

Ruth Negga is one lucky broad.