Wednesday, June 13, 2012



So I know full well that Once stars Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová broke up ages ago, I'd mourned and moved on, or so I thought! Because when I stumbled upon Glen and some Not Markéta Irglová, some rats-nest-headed hipster chick, hanging on him in Washington Square Park a couple of hours ago I suddenly felt the Bad Girls Club within rise up that I never knew I had and all I wanted to do was charge them like a maniac and grab her by the hair and start shaking her around screaming, "You're not Markéta Irglová, you're never gonna be Markéta Irglová!" It was fast and weird and I am glad I did not do that, even though it was very real.


Derreck said...

I would've gone all Samantha James and just say "YOU'RE A WHORE!!!!!!!"

But did you watch The Swell Season documentary? Didn't go much into their relationship as i would've liked, but it does share some insight. Plus, Irglova's married now.


Jason Adams said...

I haven't watched the doc yet, Derreck. I keep forgetting. I need to make a night of it since I haven't watched Once in a long time, either.

RJ said...

I saw them in concert twice: The first time while they were together, and the second time after they weren't. Best concerts I've ever been to.

John said...

This is so the most amusing thing I have read in ages. And from what I understand, Glen had to come to America to find a hipster girl, the hipsters in Ireland rather hate him.

Anonymous said...

Marketa is divorced, guys. Her marriage just lasted a year.
Marrying your producer or director...yeah,
not a good idea usually.