Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quote of the Day

Yesterday I wondered just how far Oliver Stone's new movie Savages would go in depicting the threeway relationship between Aaron Johnson and Blake Lively and Taylor Kitsch, and in the comments commenter Jonathan told us how just far the book goes, which was pretty far. And now twenty-four hours later, Oliver Stone's answered the question himself (via):

HuffPo: In the book, Blake's character has a very graphic sex scene with the characters played by Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson. Did you ever consider taking a more explicit approach to filming that?

Stone: Which one? There are several sex scenes.

HuffPo: The one where they’re penetrating her at the same time in different orifices.

Stone: Oh, yeah, there was no way I could have done that in the present film environment, where, you know, the rating system and the families ... This film was on the edge of a very hard R. There’s a certain Puritanism in our society that continues to haunt us. So you’re talking to a man who was raised half-French, so I can’t -- I have to live inside this system and make films this way. You know, already to go to where we did was a pretty big step.

First off, I love how the interviewer phrased that. "The one where they're penetrating her at the same time in different orifices." It sounds like a lost episode of Friends!

Second off, you are a pussy, Oliver Stone. Salma Hayek should've eaten you for breakfast. I'm not saying he needed to go dong-shot pornographic here or anything but his purposefully pussy-footing around something that hasn't been edgy since my parents were hip (that was a long time ago, slash never) doesn't bode well for a movie that seems to want to glide on gusts of coolness. DP coulda been this year's watercooler talk du jour and you junked it all up, Olly!


Stephanie said...

I am laughing out loud over your post, especially the bit about this being much ado about nothing over something that hasn't been edgy since your parents were hip. You've got a point. Couples were "swinging" when I was still in diapers. :-) On an unrelated note, I think I need to read this book.

Ronald said...

I like that gif of Salma, but my favorite part of that trailer is the close-up of her lips saying "stop." Also, bitch move, Oliver Stone.

paco. said...

I don't know if I want to see Blake getting DP'd and also, I used to find Aaron really hot, but that rape stache he's been sporting lately does not do him any favors.

Jason Adams said...

One man's rapestache is another man's handlebar to heaven.

zarooka said...

Oh my god, just the idea of being double stuffed by Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson makes me weak in the knees. Ugh, why can't liberal countries make movies with hot people that features this kind of subject matter?