Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Am Link

--- The Great White Strip - Magic Mike week continues with word that the movie, not even out yet, might be turned into a show for Broadway, which makes so much sense I can't believe I hadn't thought of it already. And then our dream of a constantly remade movie could come true, only on the stage, where they could have new hot actors in the roles constantly coming (heh) and going.

--- Johanna Who - EW has word that contrary to earlier reports the actress Mia Wasikowska is not up for the role of Johanna Mason in The Hunger Games second adaptation Catching Fire, but rather it is the actress Jena Malone who is angling for it, presumably amongst others not named. Once upon a Donnie Darko I liked Jena Malone a lot but then last year or so I read this unbearably pretentious interview with her that made me kind of totally hate her, so I'm not entirely keen on this. Hrm.

--- Doll Fever - There's going to be a new Child's Play movie, and not a remake of the original as has been rumored, but an actual sequel called Curse of Chucky and filmed by the series' creator Don Mancini. I barely remember the last one, Seed of Chucky, except for the part where John Waters got murdered with acid, so I don't remember if bringing back Jennifer Tilly is a possibility or not, but it better be.

--- Bug Bomb - This is a thrill - the lost ending of Saul Bass' single directorial effort, the endlessly bizarre ant attack movie Phase IV, has been discovered and screened with the movie as a whole in LA last week. So let's get on that Blu-ray, mkay?

--- Blue Man Regrouped - Totally unsubstantiated rumors are bouncing around that James Cameron actually intends on shooting an entire new trilogy of Avatar movies once he gets around to it, instead of the two films as had been rumored. Sigourney Weaver, doing press for her new series, has no idea what's going on. And speaking of Politica Animals, I hear that there's confirmation of Sebastian Stan's gayness therein in the form of a kiss in a commercial or something? Which is extraordinarily pleasant, and I need to see, now. The show starts on my birthday, July 15th! A present for me!


Smithy said...

Yup, there's some smooching in one of the commercials, and Weaver says, "He was the first openly gay kid in the White House..." or something to that effect. Looks good.

RJ said...

Welcome back to the fold, Sebastian Stan! Let me give you a hug!

Jonathan said...

What?! I've loved Jena since seeing her in Saved. Could I bother you for a link? What was she promoting/talking about?