Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Am Link

--- A Whale of a Male - Human Tree Trunk Chris Hemsworth is circling the lead role in The Heart of the Sea, which is an adaptation of a book about the true story of a Nantucket boat in 1820 that's hunted and destroyed by a sperm whale. Insert joke about destroying Chris Hemsworth with sperm here.

--- Two Penny - For awhile it was rumored that Angelina Jolie was taking on the lady role (of course there's only one, natch) in Ridley Scott's The Counselor, aka that movie about Michael Fassbender dealing drugs and it not working out well for him, written by Cormac McCarthy, but now it appears that Penny Cruz has signed on instead. Cruz is also going to work with Pedro Almodovar again in his next movie, Los Amantes Pasajeros (The Brief Lovers), about an affair on an airplane. Will the whole thing be shot on an airplane? I love the thought of a colorful lively Almodovar movie set in such a small space.

--- Living Lovers - Yesterday's hot piece Anton Yelchin has joined the cast of Jim Jarmusch's long-in-the-making vampire movie with Tilda Swinton called Only Lovers Left Alive. It also stars Tom Hiddleston (who replaced Michael Fassbender, or at least the rumor of Michael Fassbender) and Mia Wasikowska, so you, know, wow.

--- Satan's Man - I'd heard that a movie was being made about the "West Memphis Three" but I was never particularly obsessed with that story so I hadn't been paying attention so I missed that it was Atom Egoyan making it - I only learn this now that I hear about Alessandro Nivola taking on the role of the long-suspected actual guilty party, creepy stepfather Terry Hobbs. Mmm guilty of murder Nivola...

--- Heavens To Bee - Serious thespian and proponent of layered highlights Phillip Seymour Hoffman has apparently been offered the role of Plutarch Heavensbee (yeah, that's a character's name) in Catching Fire, aka the number two Hunger Games. He replaces Wes Bentley's swirl-bearded bo-hunk as creator of the game-space where our embattled contestants duke it out.

--- Psyche On - Glenn got to take on a double-feature of surrealist weirdo Alejandro Jodorowsky's El Topo and The Holy Mountain on the big screen and here are his thoughts, which I agree with whole-heartedly.

--- Running Partner - Other Fiennes Joseph worked with American Horror Story maker Ryan Murphy in his disastrously bad movie Running With Scissors (playing gay even), and now they might reunite with AHS, Joe taking on a role in the show's already out of control second season. (New time! New place! Old actors playing new characters! Oh my.)

--- Fro-less - Charlize Theron has shaved her head, apparently for her role in Mad Max 4. Meanwhile we all've been watching while Tom Hardy's been growing out his face for Mad Max 4. It's a hair crazy movie!


The Bloody Munchkin said...

After reading the following line:

"Insert joke about destroying Chris Hemsworth with sperm here."

My day has absolutely no where to go but down. That's going to be the highlight of my day for sure.

bcarter3 said...

There was a British mid-60s book called Only Lovers Left Alive--I wonder if that was the source of the new movie's title, or if it's from something earlier that I just don't recognize.

In the 60s version, everybody over ~25 commits suicide, and the kids revert to forming clans. It pre-dated the better known Wild in the Streets, where everybody over 30 was sent to "camps" and doped up on LSD. For some reason, that doesn't strike me as the great idea I thought it was when I first saw the movie at 18....

tom suraya said...

Firstly, why can't Chris Hemsworth play Mad Max instead? He's actually Australian and he's actually hot. Plus, the idea of that cretin Tom Hardy coming anywhere near Charlize Theron makes me wretch. Chris Hemsworth...in leather...mmmmmm.

Secondly, I recently watched Holy Mountain and whooo-boy was that something. I particularly like the imagery of a naked 80 year old man with tigers for breasts squirting milk into the face of a skin head or them turning Jesus' turds into gold or something.