Thursday, June 07, 2012

24 Til Fassbender


(pic via) How long has it been since I got to see Fassy onscreen? I suppose since Haywire back in January. Too long, too long. (Speaking of "too long.") After skimping with plain ol' 2D regular-sized on The Avengers I said fuck it and splurged on IMAX 3D with Prometheus tomorrow, I hope I got them the right way. I mean basing it off of trailers, there are things I want to see in Prometheus IMAX-sized, most assuredly. Although buying the tickets did lead me from one thought to another ultimately to, "Why didn't they release Shame in IMAX 3D???" WHY??? 

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iñaki said...

I don't really support or even totally "get" 3D, but I got free tickets for Prometheus and I think in its case it's money well spent. The movie may not be great, but it sure does look amazing.