Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A Sharlto Kretschmann Sandwich


Earlier today when I read the news about Sharlto Copley getting the bad guy part in Spike Lee's Oldboy remake I skimmed right over the other news in the story because that's what we do now, skim, right? There's too much to properly read anything anymore. Too much information! So in my skimming I missed something of obvious import to myself, my skimming eyes be damned to hell. Copley also signed on for another movie called Open Grave, and it will co-star the man seen above (you probably figured out he'd come into this since I posted that picture and all - spoiler alert!), the one the only the worst career-manager of all time Thomas Kretschmann.

The plot is described thus: "six desperate individuals who wake up with amnesia-like symptoms next to an open grave of rotting bodies in a remote, desolate forest." Sounds like a righteous hoot and a half, eh? Anyway even if all he ever makes is shit, I will watch shit, for more Thomas Kretschmann.

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