Friday, May 25, 2012

Real Life Horror Movie


Can we all agree that the basic premise of Chernobyl Diaries is in really bad taste? I talk about it a bunch in this week's piece on this weekend's new movies at Celebrity Beehive, but the basic gist is that they made a horror movie where the real-life victims of a real-life tragedy at turned into silly horror movie monsters, from what I gather. (No I have not seen the movie.) As I say over at CB, this is basically the equivalent of having zombies rise from the ashes of the World Trade Center. 

Now... what I didn't say at CB but I will share here is, god I love bad taste! So I'll grant you that this movie's gross and offensive in theory, but I can't wait to watch the stupid teenagers on the run from dripping radioactive Russians all the same. And I would watch the shit out of a 9/11 zombie movie, too. So obviously do not look to me for guidance, my friends. I am well good and lost already. 

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