Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Isabelles Are Off To Academy


I forgot to mention yesterday that I won't be blogging today - I have outside commitments that will be keeping me offline for the day. But it's seven in the morning right now and I haven't gotten to those outside commitments just yet and what do I find this morning (thank you, Matthew!) but such spectacular news that I'm forced through sheer force of giddiness to post at seven in the morning when I've been awake for ten minutes (speaking of, I am not fully awake yet, my apologies for semi-incoherence). What spectacular news? This spectacular news right here:

"Isabelle Fuhrman (The Hunger Games, Orphan) is set to headline David Gordon Green's Suspiria, Crime Scene Pictures announced today. The just-revealed cast also includes Isabelle Huppert (Amour, The Piano Teacher), Janet McTeer (Albert Nobbs, The Woman in Black), Michael Nyqvist (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and Antje Traue (Man of Steel).

... Producers Luca Guadagnino and Francesco Melzi d’Eril said: “We started to develop 'Suspiria' at the time we were preparing 'I Am Love' and expect to make another notable film capable of reaching an even much broader international audience.” The film is scheduled to begin lensing this September with costumes by three time Academy Award winner-Milena Canonero (Marie Antoinette, Chariots Of Fire, A Clockwork Orange), Production Design by Richard Wright and Cinematography by Tim Orr (Pineapple Express)."

Okay so the movie is going to star Isabelle Fuhrman, aka that girl from Orphan that I have been championing ever since Orphan as the best thing since sliced bread. And the movie is going to star Isabelle Huppert, which... ISABELLE HUPPERT, YOU GUYS. I... uh... words... failing... we've been following Green's progress on this remake with alarmed curiosity for years and years now - once he was announced as director, we moved from "alarmed" to "curious" - but this... this news. Gah! It's seven in the morning, excuse my stuttering. But this is the sort of thing I'd like to wake up to every day.


Rob K. said...

I was completely dubious about the notion of a Suspiria remake (I mean come on: SUSPIRIA! It's one of the greats, and such an idiosyncratic movie) - but now I'm starting to think with the people you listed as being involved it could really be something (that girl from Orphan could play Madame Blanc herself, she's so good.) That's all you need to remake something with quality and integrity: actual Artists. And for Michael Bay to be kept as far away as possible.

RJ said...

I was pulling hard for a Jessica-Barden led Suspiria, but I can get on board for Orphan. And, hey, David Gordon Green, you still got room for Jessica Barden in your cast!