Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Am Link

Since I was away for the majority of the day yesterday some slash all of these news stories might be twenty-four hours old, so they might as well be written on stone tablets and buried beneath a mountain of the sands of time, I know how information processing works these days, but I will post them anyhow. Nyah.

--- Torpedos Away - The first image of Scarlett Johansson in costume as Janet Leigh on the set of Hitchcock (once titled Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho, smartly retitled) popped up online, and she looks pretty good. She is softer than Leigh that's for sure, but she wears the hell out of a bullet bra. And it looks like they hardened her up some with the make-up.

--- Dicks o' Inferno - It's been what, fourteen years since Eli Roth directed Hostel: Part II? Well he's finally gotten off his ass and announced his official next directing gig - it's called The Green Inferno (that is one giallo-ish monker right there) and it will be filmed in Chile and Peru this Fall and... that's all we know? No plot info, really? If I were more awake I'd go look at the ramblings he's spouted over the past fourteen years since Hostel: Part II and try to figure out which project he's already told us about this is, but I just can't muster the effort right now.

--- Speaking of giallo-ish, the very much NSFW teaser trailer for the Elijah Wood starring remake of 80's sleaze-fest Maniac is over at STYD for its bow at Cannes and it is looking like some straight up Eighties Euro-trash, in a good way. Models and leather gloves and fetishized stabbings, oh my.

--- And speaking of horror trailers, everybody seems to be digging the trailer for The Possession, the new devil inside movie that Sam Raimi produced. I haven't watched the trailer yet. So I don't know. But everybody's sayin!

--- Badge Goes Bad - We just ogled looker James Badge Dale a couple of weeks ago - obviously we brought him good luck by doing so because he just got cast as a soldier that gets turns into "the cyborg Coldblood" in Iron Man 3. I have no idea who "Coldblood" is but that sounds like a villain to me...? Hopefully Coldblood is part man part machine part loincloth.

--- Super Friends - This is definitely a couple of days old but if you missed it Nat listed ten Marvel superheroes that ought to be considered for the next Avengers movie at The Film Experience on Tuesday, and I love it when Nat indulges his superhero knowledge, which really just blows mine out of the water. I didn't read comics as a kid so I'm constantly catching up.

--- The Moonrise Kid - I haven't read it yet but in this interview with director Wes Anderson about his new movie Moonrise Kingdom he apparently spills a few details on his next movie, which he's already working on the script for. Happy to see him plowing right along.

--- And speaking of things I haven't read I figure I oughta link to this chat with Avengers Agent Coulson himself Clark Gregg since I linked to previous stuff about him, previously. It's spoilery.

--- Passion Pals - We already saw the thrilling photo of Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace almost kissing in Brain DePalma's next movie Passion; well these several new shots also pass my muster.

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