Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Am Link

--- Here Comes The Bump - Congrats to quite possibly my favorite couple in all of the land (heterosexual edition) - Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are pregnant! I know, you're thinking Chris will probably carry the baby. I agree. Now comes the time when I learn to become a nanny, because holding Anna's bong as she uses her breast-pump has always been a dream of mine.

--- Wasp Women - Joss Whedon thinks that there should probably be another girl on the team in an Avengers sequel, and I think we can all agree that's true, and also that Chris Evans should take off his pants.

--- Cop A Squad - The trailer for The Gangster Squad can be watched at Gawker, which is better known inside my brain as "That movie where Ryan Gosling somehow makes loose old-timey slacks look sexy."

--- September's End - We've been inching towards this for some time now but actual confirmation still feels like fireworks and handjobs (note to self: title autobiography "Fireworks and Handjobs") - The World's End, Edgar Wright's third movie with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as part of the so-called Blood and Ice Cream trilogy that previously includes Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, is happening, and it's happening right quick - filming starts in September. There's also a plot synopsis at that link, giving us more about the armageddon themed film than we've known so far.

--- Nose Grows - Another project that's been batting around for awhile seems to be happening - Guillermo Del Toro will co-direct a stop-motion animated version of Pinnochio with the dude who did the animation for Fantastic Mr. Fox, aka one of the most beautiful movies of the past dozen or so years. Yes, this sounds just fine.

--- You've Got Rudd - David Wain is following up his very funny movie Wanderlust with a take-down of the rom-com genre called They Came Together that he co-wrote with Michael Showalter and most excitingly it will star adorable funny people Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler. The premise is basically The Shop Around the Corner aka You've Got Mail - corporate bigwig Rudd wants to shut down little kick-knack store-owner Poehler's business when love ensues, but surely Wain and Showalter are putting their own unique spin on the material. "Their own unique spin" means "somebody's inappropriate balls" of course.

--- Mads Man - Some clips and pictures from Lars von Trier's so-conspirator Thomas Vinterberg's next movie can be seen over at The Playlist - it's called The Hunt and it stars that sexy Dane with the name Mads Mikkelsen as a man whose life unravels due to an eensy little lie. Lies are bad!

--- Le Scandal - Slash has the details on Roman Polanski's next movie - it is called D and is about the "Dreyfus Affair," which immediately makes me think of Peter Lefcourt's book about the gay baseball player coming out but no, not that unfortunately - it's about a French scandal involving the wrongful imprisonment of a so-called spy and the long drawn out over years and years case, which well Roman knows a little bit about scandalous court cases being drawn out over years and years. It's written by Robert Harris, who also wrote The Ghost Writer for Polanski.

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billybil said...

I LOVE that photo of Chris Pratt. First of all cause his bulge is so clearly; 2nd cause he's sticking his belly out like that and that's such a hoot for an actor type to be willing to do. I want to kiss him.

YES! Another woman in the Avengers team is such a good idea - who would be the super hero candidates? Please don't say Wonder Woman - that's not Marvel, right? I have to say my favorite suprise in the movie was Scarlett as Black Widow. They gave her such cool stuff to do! I loved her.

I want to do a threeway with Nick Frost and Simon Pegg - wouldn't that be fun?

I hate the story of Pinnochio

The Hunt made me think - have you seen HEADHUNTERS? Forgive me if you've already written about somewhere. If I missed, I'm sorry but I would love to hear what you think of it. It's playing at the Sunshine right now. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.