Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Devil Inside in 90 Words or Less


Why is it so damned impossible to make a good exorcism movie? Did The Exorcist just gobble up everything there was to be said? I feel like there must be a way past Blatty's eternal beast, but The Devil Inside is not the way or the light. It doesn't even seem to be trying - it's a lazy talky thing that relies on its wooden actors to just suddenly randomly start yelping at any given moment to goose a scare. Blah blah BLAH blah, and repeat.The devil deserves better.


shawnp said...

The trailer for the Jeffrey Dean Morgan film was pretty creepy.

Jason Adams said...

Is that the Sam Raimi produced The Possession? I haven't watched the trailer yet but I did hear it looked good. I'm wary of trailers though because it seems easy to make a good trailer for one of these movies - hell The Last Exorcism had a good trailer, and I did not like that movie.