Tuesday, May 08, 2012

5 Off My Head - The Music, Man

I realized this morning on my way to work that I haven't mentioned anything about what I'm listening to music-wise lately. I realized this because, as I've already mentioned once today, I am digging the new Metric song "Youth Without Youth." But that's not all I am digging. (The kids still say "digging" right?) As I've explained before I can't write for shit about music; I just knows what I likes and don't really have the wherewithal to express why I likes what I likes. So I'm not going to say much of anything about these songs. Except I like them, and that's why they're listed here. Listed, you ask? Why yes. Here is a list of five random songs I've been listening to lately. Within a week I'll probably be tired of them all and wishing I'd made a completely different list, but that's how it goes.

"Season's Trees" off of Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi's fake spaghetti western soundtrack Rome (a terrific album), sung by Norah Jones. I'm neither pro- nor anti-Norah Jones but this song's lovely and it's made me consider giving her new album, also produced by Danger Mouse, a listen.

"Take Me Home" off Perfume Genius' album Put Your Back N 2 It

"Silent Song" off of Daniel Rossen's Silent Hour/Golden Mile EP -
Rossen is 1/4 of the band Grizzly Bear, and this song's pretty Bear-ish

"Ghosts" by CANT, which I thought was on their album Dreams Come True, but isn't - I'm not sure where I got it from then. Anyway CANT is another quarter of Grizzly Bear, Chris Taylor. Obviously I just want Grizzly Bear's next damn album to come out already.

And because all of the previous songs have kind of been downers, I included this peppy tune about beating the shit out of somebody from Chairlift's album Somewhere - I'm seeing these guys tonight!

I could have listed a dozen more songs... for one the new Shins album has some great tunes, and for another the new Garbage album leaked and the song "I Hate Love" is totally my jam but I couldn't find a full copy to share... but you can hear a minute of it right here. I'm seeing Shirley & Co. live in two weeks!

What have you been listening to, dear readers?


Miss M said...

I highly recommend you listen to Father John Misty - Fear Fun. We have similar taste in music and I think you will like it (he is the drummer from the Fleet Foxes)

Rafael said...

I'm seeing Garbage next week! dreams DO come true!

Metric's new song "Youth without youth" is pretty awesome too. And I'm obsessed with Class Actress' album 'Rapprocher' since last month!

Pty said...

The new norah jones album is quite different from her previous work. I recommend to give a listen to.

Jason Adams said...

Sweet, thanks for the recs you guys, this is really all I wanted from this post, some new stuff to download. Y'all rock!