Friday, April 13, 2012

Who Will Catch Fire?


I assume you've all seen the news since it broke last night but the LA Times have a piece up saying that Lionsgate have a short-list of eight or so (male) directors that they want for the sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and they name three of the menfolk on that list: Alfonso Cuarón, David Cronenberg, and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. Cuarón had occured to me as a stellar choice over the past week when all the Gary Ross back-and-forth was happening but I asusmed he was too busy with his "Clooney and Bullock in space!" movie Gravity to start filming anything by August - the LAT addresses that, saying he has finished filming that movie, but I'm still skeptical. That thing's going to have a whole lot of post-production work to be done. Cronenberg would blow my mind but... would he? But if they hire Inarritu I will freak the fuck out - I hate his movies. Hate. Passionately. So out of the three names I'd be good with the first two and not good at all with the latter, but I do wish they'd offered up more names. And why no women? What do y'all think?


RJ said...

Inarritu is probably more interested in directing Mockingjay, what with all the climbing around in the sewers. Seems more his speed.

I agree about Cuaron. No way Gravity is 100% finished.

Anonymous said...

Would Alfonso Cuarón do another adaptation of a popular children's lit series? As a huge Harry Potter fan, it would be the ultimate betrayal.

Tara said...

Not Cronenberg. I feel like this would....taint him.

Julia said...

I enjoyed the Hunger Games series, but frankly these guys are all too talented for this subject material. They would be wasted on Catching Fire YEAH I SAID IT.