Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday's Ways Not To Die


So... we're really doing this, huh? Okay. A couple of weeks ago Time Out compiled a list of what they called "The 100 Best Horror Films." (Thanks to Nat at TFE for bringing it to my attention.) I was super proud of myself when I went through the list and realized that I'd seen all but six of the movies on their list, because this obviously made me the cool kid on the playground. Eat my shorts, high school bullies!

Anyway from there I decided to try and cross off the remaining six and get a perfect score, and within twenty-four hours I had watched two of the six. The first was Jacques Tourneur's Night of the Demon, which was beautifully shot and a solid watch (as seen above, when the demon's seen in the distance it's still a powerfully creepy image), but mostly remarkable for how apparent it became halfway through it that Sam Raimi had essentially remade it with his 2009 fun-as-heck fright-fest Drag Me To Hell, which for all my love of that film is something I did not know.

And the second movie of the six that I watched is called Society. I had never heard of Society. And glancing through the film's credits, one would not expect to be seeing Society end up on anybody's "best of" lists for anything, except perhaps "the best on-set drug dealer." A 1989 movie starring Baywatch's Billy Warlock from the writer of Honey I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show? Really?

Really! I would come to learn what a fool I was being right quick. Besides all of his work with the "Honey! I Did Awful Things To Our Children!" franchise, director Brian Yuzna also produced the Re-Animator movies and wrote From Beyond for Stuart Gordon, so he knew his way around this kind of silly mind-breaking insanity.

The film is famous - well, infamous is more appropriate, and only among those who seek out such oddities at that - for its ending, which is what we're getting to, but from the start it's so bizarre and... just so so bizarre...


...that it's hypnotic. And it just gets stranger and stranger, like a snowball made out of silly putty rolling down a hill made out of a stash of old EC Comics and sticky Victoria Secret catalogues and transcripts of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous episodes.

It tells the story of a boy named Bill...

 ... who doesn't quite fit in with his super rich family and friends, and what he uncovers about the habits behind the curtain of the One Percent. It is weird, man. From every angle.

Which brings us to the ending. I had only the faintest idea beforehand of what was coming, and lest I spoil it for any of you who might want to seek the movie out I'm putting it after the jump. I mean I'm also putting it after the jump because nobody should have to look at such things without having made the choice to, which you can do by clicking in past the jump. But you've been warned. What lay beyond is not for the faint of heart or mind or stomach or soul. BEWARE.

Meet David.

David thought he could fit in with the rich crowd too.

David was wrong.


... very...


"He's good and pliable, your honor!"

"Shunt him!"

"And now..."

"... we'll get..."

"... to the bottom..."

"... of this."




Society (1989)

Well I mean, what the hell do I say now? 
I got nothing. Happy Thursday, everybody!

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