Thursday, April 26, 2012

Smell What The Rock Is Cooking


(via) This post's title is the obvious go-to for a caption to this photograph of Dwayne Johnson barbecuing what appears to be a human hand on the set of Michael Bay's Pain and Gain, and I swiped it from the pic's source anyway, but I feel like there's got to be an even better caption out there. Thoughts? And never did I think I'd ever squeeze so many posts out of a Michael Bay movie, but this thing's been bizarrely fruitful. I still won't see it, I long ago decided that avoiding Michael Bay movies like the Bubonic is best for my sanity, but it's a curious thing anyway.


tara said...

let me give you a hand with that.

...that's my best shot

Not The Original David said...

The rock is amazing. i love him from the show WWF and i even shook his hand on that show when he came to the crowd.