Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shooting The Shit With Sharlto


It's been so long since Colin Firth turned down the bad guy role in Spike Lee's Oldboy remake back in December I'd forgotten the role was still vacant. We already have Josh Brolin in the lead, and Elisabeth Olsen is supposed to take the female lead. Today comes word that the antagonist role's been offered to District 9 star Sharlto Copley, and I use the word "star" broadly there because good goddamn he has kept a low profile since that movie came out. I know he did The A-Team but the less said about that - unless it's about Bradley Cooper's body - the better. And I know he's been off filming Neil Blomkap's super-secretive second sci-fi film Elysium, as well as another sci-fi flick called Europa. But still - you can't even find any proper pictures of him online without really digging. I mean what is this, just about the acting to him or something? God! We're missing out on golden moments like this when I'm given the chance to tell him he really should always have facial hair, he looks much better with it. Look at these pictures of him with a beard!

Yes, please. And he was adorable with his District 9 mustache, like a lankier Spike Jonze with an accent. But he looks too much like Michael Bay when he's clean shaven. See what you're missing out on, Sharlto? Get with the program! This is what it takes to be an actor in the new Millenium!

Anyway as long as I'm rambling about him and the lack of pictures around of him I should share these ones I've been sitting on for ages, even though they're super gross... as someone who doesn't much shy away from gory things, do heed my warning - I haven't posted these for a long time because they make me kind of nauseous. The make-up is too good! Anyway we take what we can. Hit the jump for a bunch of grody behind-the-scenes pics of him getting his scarred and scaly District 9 make-up applied, sans shirt.

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Chesty said...

Don't knock Michael Bay, he may be the purveyor of the cinematic equivalent of...well, stool samples but have you seen him without a shirt on? Yum.