Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Quote of the Day III

I haven't seen Truth or Dare in a long time. There's only so much Madonna I can take, but I did love her back in the late 80s to 90s ("Like a Prayer" is my jam as far as I have ever had something you could call "my jam"). But it's out on BluRay today so I'm tempted to revisit. Even if you find her unbearable, the film's a fascination since it too on occasion finds her unbearable. Rich Juzwiak wrote up a terrific look-back on the doc over at Gawker, pausing to elucidate as only he could its place in celebrity gawking:

"Madonna's life banged the dust out of vérité entertainment, suggesting the documentary didn't have to be stuffy, that it could be wildly entertaining and overwhelmingly trashy. Echoes of it are apparent in reality TV today, particularly that which focuses on stars (if Truth or Dare was the slightly sinister but mostly good-humored Mondo Cane of celebrity portraits, Being Bobby Brown was Faces of Death)."

Shut down the internet for the rest of the week - the greatest thing its collective brain will express has been expressed. Amazing.

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