Friday, April 27, 2012

Luke Evans Six Times


(via, click to embiggen) There's something kind of Cruising meets Kenneth Anger about these shots, right? How terribly appropriate.

Noted whateverasexual Luke Evans has a new movie out, you guys! It's called The Raven and it looks terrible and  I don't think I could have less interest in seeing it. I'll just go read some Poe stories and that will be plenty, I think. I don't need to see him running in slow-motion away from explosions, but thanks.

Still, it does represent another opportunity to bitch about Luke's continued silence regarding the gay stuff, and we'll always tap that. Much like he loves to tap man ass, left right and center. Oh, Luke. I would so like to lust for you unreservedly, why can't you just be a doll and straighten so to speak all this nonsense out?

Anyway for more about this weekend's movies,

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Anonymous said...

He had a dick in his mouth. Cool.