Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Itching With Anticipation

Oh god, no. I can take giant scaly demon people and the like until the cows come home but a little bit of insect horror sends me running for the hills. So the news that the terrifically talented director Ti West (he made The House of the Devil) is adapting a book called Bedbugs has already got me on edge from the name alone. Says The Playlist:

"Bending in a more psychological vein, the story follows Susan Wendt, who lives in Brooklyn with her family, who gets what she thinks are bedbug bites. But the strange thing is, she’s the only one getting bitten and soon a more sinister reason for what is going emerges. The story is said to be "light on gore but heavy on menace and dread” but it also sounds very much like William Friedkin's "Bug," at least in spirit."

Bug was my first thought, too. Well once I was able to think proper thoughts, after the mindless scratching fit I fell into for ten minutes after reading that. Shudder. (pic via)

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Prospero said...

The film version of "Bug" was a disappointment, after seeing Letts' amazing play on stage. I don't understand why studios keep casting the limited Ashley Judd.