Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Want One No Make That Two


The PR for Ridley Scott's Prometheus has been aces, hasn't it? I've seen the trailer about seventeen thousand and a half times at this point and it don't matter, I'm headed straight to goosebumps-ville every damned time. I am simply out of my mind with neeeeeeeed and waaaaaaaant. Ahem. I'll try and pull myself togeth... oh damn nevermind, look at this goddamned amazing Michael Fassbender centered promo video. (via)

Michael Fassbender channeling Tilda Swinton is about 
the quickest fucking way to my heart. The way he smiles 
at those flowers! It's simultaneously mortifying and erotic.
And silly, and awesome. What a total creep-fest. GIMME.



amola-tesouras said...

He looks like the lovechild of Tilda Swinton and Jeremy Irons circa Dead Ringers. With maybe a dash of uncle Rutger from Blade Runner. Wow. That's one of the most quietly unsettling things I watched lately.

Jason Adams said...

Ooh yes definitely some Jeremy Irons, good call!

Simone said...

Wow, yeah, if Tilda and Jeremy kicked boots, they would have a baby Fassy.

I'm going to see Prometheus on June8, June 9 and June 10 dammit!

Jee Jay said...

I can't see M. Fassbender without being reminded of Christopher Plummer (c. 1960s).

Yup -- Capt. von Trapp.

Those two are a 'Separated-At Birth' just waiting to happen, IMO.

Tara said...

YES! Jeremy Irons is spot-on.