Monday, April 16, 2012

I Am Link

--- Bat Mania- Some quotes from Tom Hardy about his Batman villain Bane over at DH and how he differs from the Joker in the annals of bad-guy-dom, plus a couple of new pictures of him and Christian Bale. And here Christopher Nolan talks about why he shoots on film and why he doesn't do 3D.

--- Boss Whedon - Man of the month (slash always) Joss Whedon talks about the half an hour he had to cut out of The Avengers to get it down to a more manageable running time, and how that stuff will be on the DVD, and how it was mostly little character beats that the movie plays fine without, though it still has plenty of character beats, says Joss. Also the movie is tracking huge, bigger than The Dark Knight at this point.

--- Snakey The Snake - Here is our good friend Joe's take on The Cabin in the Woods. We saw it together and both walked out smiling like madmen. I mean crazy people, not ad execs from the 1960s. Weird that I have to make that distinction now. Anyway! Here's a choice (lil' spoilery) bit of criticism, since I was incapable with my review:

"If I'm going to quibble about anything, I'll quibble about the effects. This is a no-budget movie, and when it comes to presenting the ultimate rogue's gallery of nightmare creatures, that budget starts to show. I don't know what it is with Joss Whedon and giant snakes, but maybe he just needs to direct an animated movie called Snakey: The Snake That Ate Some Cities and get it out of his system, because every time he brings a giant snake into one of his live-action projects, it just looks video-gamey as hell."

--- Ninety-Six Percent - At The Film Experience Nat shared a recent list of Time Out's Top 100 Horror Films, and I was amazed (by my awesomeness) to see that I'd seen 94 of them! 94! I am a god. And since reading the list on Saturday I watched two more. I watched the 1989 wackadoo-class-war flick Society and Jacques Tourneur's Night of the Demon, which I learned Sam Raimi was obviously riffing on pretty hard with Drag Me To Hell. I'll probably say more on at least one of those (Society demands to be talked about) later; for now, let me just say again - I have now seen 96 off their list. I have accomplished something with my life!

--- Plug It Up - BD has a quote from director Kimberly Pierce about modernizing Carrie for her remake, and say that her star Chloe Moretz is "spending time in her closet" for research into the character. Somebody lose that goddamned key!

--- And finally, four very serious actors - Sean Penn, Edward Norton, Rebecca Hall, and Gael Garcia Bernal - are all apparently being considered for parts in the Robocop remake. Mkay. That should be an interesting clusterfuck, especially with Penn and Norton pissing all over the set. I hope pretty Swede Joel Kinnaman makes it out alive!



shaun said...

Kate Bush's "Hounds of Love" begins with a sample from "Night of the Demon" ("It's in the trees -- it's coming!"). I was familiar with the song before the movie. When I saw the movie back in 2003 or so, I recall being shocked and confused when I heard the line in the movie ;o)

Rob K. said...

I just counted and I have not seen 9 of the top 100 horrors. Not too shabby! Got some catching up to do: I hadn't heard of some of them. "Possession," with Sam Neill? Huh? Sounds good though.

Jason Adams said...

All the ones I hadn't seen yet except for Daughters of Darkness I hadn't even heard of. I hadn't seen DOD because I really have to be in the mood for lesbian vampire movies and that's not a mood I get in all that often.

Possession is FUCKING INSANE. Totally worth seeking out, I just saw it a couple of months ago and it will make you feel like a crazy person.

Rob K. said...

Rad! "Possession" is going right on the ol' Netflix queue then. Thx!
BTW, so glad they put all those wonderful little B movies on that list, stuff like Let's Scare Jessica To Death and Kill, Baby...Kill! It's a real good list.

Eve said...

Norton and Penn on the same set, that's a major clusterf*ck indeed.

Eve said...

They're both talented, but very much control freaks who love behaving like d*cks (not the god kind).

Bleh, my favourite character in Robocop was ED-209 anyway...whatever.