Monday, April 16, 2012

Gratuitous Max Beesley


My British readers will have to enlighten me about this Max Beesley chap - it's his 41st birthday today and when I looked him up, all these naked pictures fell in my lap! So I figured what the hey. But I've never seen him in anything. Yes that includes Mariah Carey's Glitter, in which he apparently played her beau, a role that appears to have immediately killed any chances for him of having a career in America. Aww, poor Max Beesley.  Looks like he does a lot of Brit-TV, and he's also a musician - he's good friends with Robbie Williams!

Yeah it's only a matter of time before the phrase "good friends with Robbie Williams" begets a really gay picture. Anyway he makes me think of Sean Bean and Ewan McGregor kind of mashed up. Maybe he makes me think of Ewan because of his proclivity for exposing wang.

I mean as you can see he obviously has his reasons. And they are obvious. As you can see. Hit the jump to see a whole NSFW bunch.



dancing in beaumont said...

love love love max beesley. so good in Hotel Babylon and Talk to Me.

Anonymous said...

He looks good naked - nice penis.