Monday, April 23, 2012

Good Morning, World


I've been thinking that one of the greatest tragedies of this past television season has been the fact that I didn't start watching Revenge. It looked silly in previews, enough that I didn't believe they could get the tone right for what I'd want the show to be - but then everybody was all "Yes! This is exactly what it should be!" and I was all, "Oh goodness, me." And now I'm even more "Oh goodness, me!" seeing that they've got James Purefoy swanning around topless. Maybe I'll try to plow through all the episodes over the Summer? (Same goes for Ringer.) What d'ya think?


madli said...

what do we think??
start watching Revenge now! if not for the plot, then for Nolan:D

The Bloody Munchkin said...

I couldn't get into Ringer, but Revenge is sooooo Worth it. Stowe isn't just chewing scenery, she's smizing at it as she eats it. And the man candy is undeniable. Daniel, Jack, Nolan (Gabriel Mann is perfect).

Also, you missed hot piece as Ashton Holmes as gay hustler for Hire. Get on that post haste cause that was some hawtness right there.

The Bloody Munchkin said...

Also, related but not related, if you're missing Don't Trust the B in Apt 23, you missed Micheal Landes in Bicycle shorts and shirtless, not at the same time, but still worth it. I tweeted you as much, but you were MIA this weekend.

mangrove said...

The tone of Revenge is indeed amazing : having Purefoy repeatedly lounge on a bed like a little sexpot is high camp but it's done with a mix of such earnestness/"menopaused ovaries should be exploding ... right... now" planning from the producers, that I just can't.

And Mann is giving Stowe a run for her money in the scenery overeating department : all those faked-out hugs with Jack!

The Bloody Munchkin said...

That might be the show's only pitfall Mangrove, in that they still don't pinpoint Nolan's emotional investment in Jack/Amanda or in Jack period. Siting that Nolan would rather see Amanda/Emily with Jack is not a good enough reason show!

That might be a little spoilery. Sorry JA. I'll shut up now.

mangrove said...

More spoilage - I've always read Nolan as wanting to jump Jack's bones, pure and simple, Munchkin : it would be funnier for Mann to play, is my main reason.

Mann explained in daytime tv interview that he fully expected to sleep his way through the whole cast of the show.

Anonymous said...

Ringer takes patience, but it got awesome over the top in the last half of the season, with lots of twists. Worth it.