Friday, April 13, 2012

Good Lord How Tall Is Drew Goddard?


I'm so used to seeing Chris Hemsworth make everybody standing next to him look like dwarves that my mouth literally dropped open when I saw this picture from The Cabin in the Woods premiere - that's director Drew Goddard standing beside Hemsworth making him look like a dwarf for a change! I had no idea Drew was a giant. Good god he must be seventeen feet tall!

Anyway yes Cabin in the Woods is out today. I am seeing it tomorrow. I don't even want to talk about it until after then, so you just shut your filthy mouth. Shut it! Nyah nyah nyah I can't hear you.

On that note, read what I've got to say about that and other films out this weekend over at Celebrity Beehive. And to bring it back to the start, here's a picture of Joss Whedon looking ventriloquist dummy sized sitting beside Jolly Green Goddard. Good grief he is enormous.


Andrew said...

Drew Goddard is really tall. We saw him at the Minneapolis advanced screening when he did the Q&A and he towered over me. Plus, he's a very very sexy nerd too.

Jason Adams said...

I've heard really good stuff about Goddard since way back when he started with Buffy, so finding out he's super tall is making me swoon harder. SEXY NERDS FOR THE WIN

jitterbug1953 said...

I read something the other day saying he's 6'6", but he looks taller in photographs.

Unknown said...

@Andrew how tall are you, if I may ask?