Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Do Dump or Marry - Birthday Boys of April 3rd


It's another one of them days when ye olden time wombs were popping out piping hot studs like gangbusters - we've got more attractive birthday boys then we can handle to sort out. So let us group them together and then rearrange them as you see fit with a good ol' Do Dump or Marry. The three fellows celebrating their births that we'll be choosing from are Adam Scott, who's turning 39...


... and Matthew Goode, who is turning 34...


and Jamie Bamber, who is also turning 39...


... so hit the comments and make your picks!


Nikhat said...

I will dump Jamie Bamber (who?), do Adam Scott and marry Matthew Goode and then do him constantly :D

maja said...

yesterday we had a no brainer with meloni, and today you're giving us this impossible choice to make?

do- jamie bamber (but actually trying to get to my favorite bsg fella, james callis.)

dump- matthew goode

marry- adam scott

sowhatelse said...

Marry, marry and marry. (Mary!)

Matthew Goode would be your bad first marriage to a guy who swept you off your feet and had wild sex with while in your early 20s. After you dump him for discovering he once voted Republican, you marry Adam Scott, your funny, sexy co-worker and have wild sex with him while in your late 20s.

After Adam dies from a terminal case of cynicism, you are lucky to meet Jamie Bamber. You marry him and have wild sex happily ever after.

Dave said...

Goode is an easy dump, I've always found him a bit uncomfortably smarmy.

Scott feels more like the keeper, but I'd demand Bamber give it everything he got for our 'do'. And I in turn would ruin him for other men.

RJ said...


DUMP Jamie Bamber. I haven't really seen him in anything ...

DO Matthew Goode

MARRY Adam Scott

DuchessKitty said...

Wow, a hard choice; especially when I haven't had enough caffeine this morning.

Do: Matthew Goode

(Heartbreakingly) Dump: Adam Scott
As much as it pains me, he seems like he'd be a better friend than lover.

Marry: Jamie Bamber. Love him so much.

The Bloody Munchkin said...

Nikhat, my sentiments exactly. Couldn'ta said it better myself.

James T said...

Do Jamie Bamber, marry Matthew Goode and dump the other guy.

billybil said...

I'm doing Adam Scott cause he's got a beautiful ass and he'd make me laugh.

I'm dumping Matthew Goode - although the wiggly nose thing is cute he just doesn't spin my wheels. (Actually I agree with what Dave wrote above too...)

And I'd marry and then do Jamie Bamber over and over and over again. Oh my good he's dreamy!

Chip Chandler said...

Really? Really? Jesus on a stick, man, could this have been harder?

DO: Jamie Bamber. Many times.
DUMP: Matthew Goode. After doing him at least once.
MARRY: Adam Scott. Pure awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

Dump Jamie Bamber(after screwing him)
Do Adam Scott(for that ass)
Marry Matthew Goode(he's sexy, funny, and charming)