Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Charlie's Time For Chaos

Somebody told me ages and ages ago to read the "Chaos Walking" trilogy by Patrick Ness and I can't for the life of me remember who it was. So if you're reading this, person who did that thing, I apologize - I tossed the books onto my Amazon Wish List and promptly forgot about them, as I'm wont to do. Forget, that is. Speaking of, what the hell am I talking about? Ahh yes, apparently the person who told me to read the "Chaos Walking" books knew their shit because they're preparing to turn the books into the next hot movie franchise and who should sign on to adapt the first book but Charlie Kaufman! Via Deadline:

"Lionsgate has high hopes that the Patrick Ness young adult novel series Chaos Walking has the potential to become another futuristic Hunger Games-esque franchise. While the mission on most of those book to movie sensations is to stick close to the books, Lionsgate has done an intriguing thing on Chaos Walking: they’ve set Charlie Kaufman to adapt the first book in the series.

The Carnegie Medal winning book is set in a dystopian future with humans colonizing a distant earth-like planet. When an infection called the Noise suddenly makes all thought audible, privacy vanishes, chaos ensues, and a corrupt autocrat threatens to take control of the human settlements and wage war with the indigenous alien race. Only young Todd Hewitt holds the key to stopping planet wide-destruction."

The first book in the series is called The Knife of Never Letting Go, the second books is called The Ask and the Answer, and the third book is called Monsters of Men. They are all out now; the last one was published last September. Strangely they haven't packaged them into a boxed set yet though. I suppose they've got plenty of time and money to make ahead. Has anybody read them? I guess I've got my next reading project lined up. If Charlie Kaufman's sees fit to get his mitts on this story then something special waits indeed. Now they just need to go ahead and hire Michel Gondry or Spike Jonze to direct.


ben1283 said...

The books are WONDERFUL. Like The Hunger Games, it's not afraid of moral ambiguity, and has a solid idea at its centre. But, Patrick Ness can sure write a whole lot better than Suzanne Collins, and the characters he creates are memorable and involving. I really can't rave enough, and his adult book The Crash Of Hennington (part of which is narrated by a rhinoceros) is excellent also.

Jason Adams said...

Rock on, thank you for the info! I just started reading a rather large book but these are def. next on my list.