Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Which Is Hotter?


We saw Dianne Wiest a couple of weeks ago! And now it's her birthday! Coincidence??? Anyway I was tempted to do this for my personal favorite performances by Dianne - think Synechdoche and Edward Scissorhands - but since she's won two Oscars and they're both for brillant performances in Woody Allen movies that works too. 


Brad said...

I want to get a tattoo that says, Wiest for Life!

Curtis said...

I was re-watching "Hannah and Her Sisters" last week and in the beginning I'm thinking, "Why did she win the Oscar for this?". After the scene with the 3 sisters at lunch I realized how good she was at carefully modulating the comedy and drama all in one scene. She was self centered and self pitying; I was really impressed.