Tuesday, March 13, 2012

TGT11: Actor to Actor #3


What's the "Actor to Actor" series? First I pick out my twenty favorite performances of the year. Then I mix those twenty names all up and pick out two names at random. And then I imagine what a conversation between those two characters would be like.  Rinse and repeat. For fun! So let's get to it. Here's MNPP's third pair of favorite performances of 2011...

Certified Copy's James Miller (William Shimell)
and Poetry's Mija (Jeong-hie Jun)

James Miller: But what IS Art?
What does it MEAN?
Mija: I just want to write a poem.
Have you ever written a poem?
James Miller: A poem. A POEM! What is a poem?
Mija: I wonder.
James Miller: Finally we get somewhere!
Where is that waiter!?!? Goddamit!

Michael Fassbender talks to Elizabeth Olsen
Kirsten Dunst talks to Andrea Riseborough

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