Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quote of the Day


That super-exciting news yesterday that Tom Hardy might take on the role of gay rugby player Gareth Thomas? Not true, says Gareth Thomas. Mickey Rourke is still the man he wants. Via Towleroad:

"Any notion that Mickey is giving up on the role are way off the mark. We'd love Tom Hardy to be involved, but he will not be playing me. I teamed up with Mickey because in my opinion there's nobody better to take on such a challenging role and nothing has changed there. He's so motivated by the role it's blown me away. I'm an ex-rugby player, films are Mickey's world and I totally trust in his vision for the film."

In related news, government officials have immediately revoked Gareth Thomas' driving license because his brain's ability to function has recently come into question.


James T said...

I'm willing to write an fake article about this project just so you'll have an excuse to write more posts about it, provided you include pics like the above. What do you say?

Jason Adams said...

I don't need much (any) persuasion to keep posting this sort of thing, James.