Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Moment I Fell For... Janeane Garafalo


Sammy: I have something to tell you. 
I am... a homo... homosexual.
Vickie: [beat] Oh, Christ.

(inspired by this) The undersung heroes of Reality Bites! The way that Janeane delivers that "Oh Christ" still makes me laugh so hard tears spill down my face til this day. And then after that how she says "Oh pah-flag. I'm beginning to like the sound of that!"

And Steve Zahn is just adorable, so you can count this as the moment I fell for him too. (Let us forget how horribly depressing all this gets in like thirty seconds.) And then he went and did naked yoga (that's one of MNPP's most popular posts) and walked around naked with a naked Paul Walker and cemented my affection for eternity.


John said...

that was a good movie and back then I never heard of PFFLAG, seems sooooo long ago now. Btw those are nice asses...

Stephanie Radcliffe said...

That is still my favorite scene in the movie, hands down. It's the reason I get the giggles every time I go to a Pride parade. I see "PFLAG" and all I can hear is here saying it in that awesome Fargo accent.