Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Moment I Fell For... Holly Hunter


Paul: It must be nice to always believe you know better,
to always think you're the smartest person in the room.

Jane: No. It's awful.

A happy 54th birthday to Holly Hunter (We just wished her Broadcast co-star William Hurt happy birthday earlier.) Is it strange that I was a huge fan of Broadcast News when I was a little kid? I have vivid memories of watching this movie many many times. I don't know how that happened - I can't imagine my parents liked it, it's not their type of movie. But it was totally these neurotic Jane type characters that appealed to me as a little one - I foresaw my spazztastic future, I guess. Anyway I'm super excited that Holly's returning to movie screens this year, and with Diablo Cody no less! I have missed her horribly. I just can't do that show she's on. 


Joe Reid said...

Haha. That show's been cancelled for at least a year.

Jason Adams said...

Has it really? I had no idea, I had to look away in terror from it.

RJ said...

Maybe my favorite movie quote ever.

MrJeffery said...

such a good performance!

Unknown said...

To this day, I still occasionally fake a stress cry. Except I don't unplug the phone and I'm usually not alone when i do it. Tragically, the moment is usually lost in front of whatever audience is around me when I do it. Love Broadcast News!