Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm Going Home & I'm Gonna Bite My Dirty Pillows


This news story was made to break my brain. That girl who won't leave me alone, Chloe Moretz, is apparently one of two girls in top contention for the remake of Carrie. The remake of Carrie was already making me want to drive a stake through my own heart - now they're just fucking taunting me.

Making it worse, I actually really like the other girl possibly up for the part - her name's Haley Bennett and we've extolled her awesomeness in The Hole and Kaboom. It's worse because I just want to straight up not have this happen at all and if Moretz stars in it then I just straightforwardly hate on it - if an actress I've been rooting for like Bennett gets the part it will be much more complicated.

And it's already complicated, because director Kimberly Pierce should be doing better things with her time. Why can't she just make Boys Don't Cry 2: Yes Boys Do In Fact Cry Sometimes, instead of attempting the impossible? Brian DePalma's Carrie is one of the few perfect things in the world - it stands alongside striped socks and Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs in the pantheon of greatness.

And then there's more: Pierce has apparently approached Jodie Foster and/or Julianne Moore to play Margaret White. WTF! I need to go smoke a pack of cigarettes, and weed, and angel dust.


Lucky said...

Let's remember when they started talking about remaking Let the Right One In, which seemed like a terrible idea. When Moretz was cast, it seemed like a worse idea. But it turned out fine. She wasn't terrible or anything. Let's have hope, at least it's not being directed by a more commercial director.

Prospero said...

Worst reboot proposal, ever!