Friday, March 23, 2012

I Am Link

--- Always Repays His Debts - A Game of Thrones starts next weekend! A Game of Thrones starts next weekend! I've been distracted by my Hunger Games mania, but this is just as cool. I still won't be seeing the show til the following Monday per my usual day-long delay, so don't expect me to write anything on time. Don't go holding your breath is what I'm telling you! Because you would naturally, otherwise. Anyway my pal Sean has rounded up a whole bunch of cool news bits about the show over here, go forth and gather. You should also be reading his ASOIAF-devoted blog too, but only if you've read all the books since there be spoilers there.

--- Golden Games - I know I always downplay box office, especially when it's something I like that's doing lousy - which is the way it normally happens - but the news that The Hunger Games is expected to be financially massive this weekend is making me very happy. Mostly because they can then throw tons and tons of money at the sequels. And afford Chris Hemsworth for Finnick. Ahh my motives become clear! Come on, Chris Hemsworth in a fishnet leotard? Who doesn't want to see that?

--- Lizards In Lust - I couldn't resist this take on fish-rapist classic Humanoids From the Deep over at AICN - I just wrote up a brief couple of thoughts on that sleazy beast back in August. It is such utter, yet entertaining, trash.

--- Summer Thirteen - DH rounded up a couple of release dates for movies of the future we will want to see - Guillermo Del Toros Pacific Rim, with Charlies Hunnam and Day and Idris Elba (a fuckable from start to finish cast if ever there was one), will be out on July 12th, 2013. That's actually a delay of a couple of months.But I know what I'm doing for my birthday weekend in fifteen months now! And also, the sequel to the leather-diaper fetish-film 300 is coming out on August 2nd, 2013. Next Summer's already full up.

--- Hedwig's Nightmare - This post is just one of the myriad reasons why I adore Glenn - he's been watching the old 80s Krueger spin-off series Freddy's Nightmares, and discovered an episode that starred who else but... John Cameron Mitchell? 

--- Down River - Netflix might be scooping up ABC's The River, which I only made it three episodes into before deciding it was either I threw my TV set out the window or I stopped watching its inanity. I guess I wasn't alone since its rating crumbled week to week, hence it maybe now moving to Netflix, just like its counterpart in inexplicable crapitude Terra Nova. Again i say, why Thomas Krestchmann? Why???


Sean T. Collins said...

A Game of Thrones starts NEXT weekend! A Game of Thrones starts NEXT weekend! Sorry, man. (Mad Men starts this weekend, though.)

I mean, for ME, Game of Thrones started this past Monday, because I got the first four episodes early. But for the hoi polloi it's next weekend.

Aren't I just the WORST?

Jason Adams said...

Does it really? Whoops. My timing's all mixed up. I'll fix that! But keep on RUBBING THAT IN AND EVERYTHING. ;)

Sean T. Collins said...

I was convinced Mad Men started next weekend too until, I think, four days ago. So I understand.

No problem on the "keep rubbing it in" front.