Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Am Link

--- Bringing Hungry Back - The first pictures of Hugh Jackman on the set of the Les Miserables musical are online, but let's be honest I only care because I can see a hint of Hugh's chest hair. Yes, I am so single-minded that I can look through the applied filth and ratty beard and prisoner rags and find a little sexy to appreciate. As soon as he starts singing I'm gonna lose my boner though. Dealbreaker!

--- Space Ghost - I personally will not be reading this - as I said the other day with the new Prometheus trailer I've reached my saturation point until the movie's out now - but AICN chatted with Ridley Scott and writer Damon Lindelof about the film the other day. And io9 picked apart that most recent trailer pretty thoroughly.

--- Hark An Ark - Darren Aronofsky's Noah movie will start filming in July, with Aussie tugger Russell Crowe as the bearded boatman.

--- So Fetch - I love this article by Michael at The Film Experience asking what the new movie quotes we live by are. I always go blank whenever asked these questions, but since I watched Muriel's Wedding for the ten billionth time the other night let me just add "You're terrible, Muriel" and "What a bunch of cocksuckers!" to the list. Okay maybe it's just me who says these things all the time. Oooh or what about "Three o'clock. You get raped. Be there." Love that one. So handy.

--- Dork Shadows - DH gathered together some of the new posters and art-work for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, and can I just say that I went into the trailer for the movie with everybody screaming about how it was a yawning abyss of despair and... I didn't hate it? I felt disgusting afterwards that I didn't hate it, but I actually even laughed a couple of times. At Johnny Depp, and at that girl I don't talk about. I am just disgusting.

--- And finally Twitch just alerted me to the fact that the Museum of Art and Design here in NYC will be doing an Argento family set of screenings over the next three months, celebrating Dario and his kids Claudio and Asia's films. Heaps of giallo on a (reasonably) big screen! Sign me up! (The old stuff of course - don't see anything Dario's made in the last twenty years.)

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