Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I Am Link

--- Bell of the Ball - Kristen Bell has lined up a couple of projects, which please let one be good please! She's playing one of Adam Brody's ex-girlfriends in a movie adaptation of a Neil Labute play called Some Girls, in which Brody's character tries to make amends with a bunch of his exes before he gets married. Jennifer Getzinger (she's directed a lot of Mad Men episodes) is directing. The second project makes so much sense since she's basically a Disney Princess come to life I don't know why I never thought of it before - Bell's voicing the lead in an animated Disney movie. The movie's called Frozen and no it's not a cartoon version of that movie where those three douches got stuck on a ski-slope and wolves ate them but rather it's a long-gestating adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson's story The Snow Queen.

--- Babies Crazy - One of my favorite Coen brothers movies Raising Arizona apparently turns 25 this week and The Film Experience memorializes the occasion with a take on Nic Cage's biker nightmare. Reading that monologue reminded me of the dream Tommy Lee Jones tells us of at the end of No Country and then all the dreams in A Serious Man and then of course Barton Fink's unravelling...

 --- Meloni of Steel - Here are a couple of new shots from the set of Zack Snyder's apparently still-shooting Superman movie Man of Steel with some of the everlasting gobhotness that is Henry Cavill standing around in his super-suit... plus bonus Chris Meloni's head from a distance in army fatigues! I mean his head isn't wearing the fatigues, that would be weird, but all you can really see is his head slash shoulders region. Basically he is not flashing his ass, which is what we all really want. Anyway "everlasting gobhotness," huh? okay.

--- Lady Michelle - I haven't really been keeping up with Dark Shadows stuff because Tim Burton's burned me too many times for me to get too enthusiastic about this and Johnny Depp looks awful, but STYD posted a couple new pictures and I love Michelle Pfeiffer's look wholeheartedly. At least we know she'll be fabulous.

--- Museum Day - This is kinda out of place here amidst the movie news but Sufjan Stevens has a sort-of new song out - he's releasing an EP in a few weeks that's a collaboration with a couple of rap-type folks and Pitchfork has the first track. It's called "Museum Day." I haven't been able to listen to it yet so I don't really know what to expect other than auto-tune, cuz they say it has auto-tune. His use of auto-tune on his last album was amazing though, so... 


Sean T. Collins said...

I feel like this isn't the first time you've posted a KBell pic that's made me question your commitment to SparkleMotion, as it were. (SparkleMotion being the universal metaphor for the gay.)

Jason Adams said...

1) Best metaphor ever.

2) Kristen's def. on the very very very short list of ladies that drag my Kinsey center-ward.